Growing Weed Indoors

How To Grow Weed Indoors – What’s Involved?

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how to grow weed indoorsI first started growing weed indoors when I was a senior in college. I loved smoking weed then and I still do now, but I was also curious about the growing process and growing my own stash just seemed like a really exciting idea. So, my buddy and I set up a small ganja garden in a closet in his apartment.

I’d grown weed outdoors and had some basic knowledge about how to grow weed indoors. I just knew we needed a light, some soil, good organic plant feed and some good seeds. My buddy bought the light and the soil and I had some Super Skunk seeds from a visit to Amsterdam the previous year, and off we went on our first stab at growing weed indoors.

For a couple guys that didn’t really know that much about how to grow weed indoors, our first attempt didn’t turn out too badly. We had the plants in a vegetative grow stage for about 45 days, with the light on 24 hours per day. We then put the plants into flowering stage, with the light on 12 hours per day, to replicate the outdoor conditions of the days getting shorter.

We made a couple of critical errors. The first was that we never put holes in the bottom of the 5-gallon buckets we were using as pots, so more water collected in them than the plants required and the roots started to rot. As a result we had to harvest a couple days early, before the buds were fully mature, because the plants were dying anyhow. This cut our total yield by a fair amount. The second error was not doing anything about the smell. The apartment reeked of dank ganja, which could have gotten us into trouble if the wrong people ever came over. Fortunately we got away with that one.

We wound up with some really good herb, which is great for a first attempt at growing weed indoors, but the results could have been a lot better if we knew more about how to grow weed indoors. Since graduating from college and getting my own place, I’ve become much more adept at the process.

The key to my later success at growing weed indoors is a guide, the “Growing Elite Marijuana System.” This instructional system on how to grow weed indoors has taught me a great deal about the right pH levels for soil, the proper lighting systems to use, setting up a CO2 system and how to use hydroponics. Now I get incredible yields from small spaces and I’m smoking the tastiest weed of my life.

In my opinion, this system is essential for anyone who’s interested in growing weed indoors. No matter how much you think you know about how to grow weed indoors, the “Growing Elite Marijuana System” has a number of things to teach you that will improve your crops. Using this system, you’ll never have to rely on others for your stash again.

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